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The Festival Jovem Internacional de dança de São Domingos-Cascais is a democratic and
motivating space for culture and citizenship, in which companies, associations, public
institutions and independent groups in our city and region can demonstrate their arts to the
community and their families. .
This event is organized by Academia Sulydance and the Parish Council of São Domingos de
Rana. The Festival has the full support of the Municipality of Cascais and Jovem Cascais.

Dance is the language of the body, an activity that is as old as humanity. It is one of the most abstract arts and, like music, is the most popular for its power of
communication and expression; it serves as a vehicle to help in the aesthetic formation of society, in the creation of national identity, in the sense of belonging to customs and traditions, in cultural knowledge and, at the same time, as entertainment and fun.

The São Domingos - Cascais Dance Festival is a platform to promote new talents, dancers, choreographers and dance movements.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

Martha Graham

1nd Dance Festival

2nd Dance Festival


3rd Dance Festivial


4rd Dance Festivial

5rd Dance Festival




6rd Dance Festival